Doggy Links

The NCC (Nordic Canine Club) - The club to join if you want to have your own Cyber Kennel. Register, Show and then Breed your Cyber Dogs and meet heaps of other people who play Cyber Dogs. I am one of the owners of this game.

The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) - The palce to find breed standards for dogs all over the world. If you are a part of the NCC you will need to follow these standards. Click EN to open the English version of the site.

I Love - Lots of dog information. You can even get a free I Love Dogs e-mail account!

Other Cyber-pets

The Society for Dracony Competing League - Get yourself a Dracony. This is a dragon type pet who you train as they grow through their life stages, join up as a competitor and you can battle your draconies. My Draconies


Power Pets - The Greatest Virtual World site on the Internet!


Non-Dog Links

Bravenet Web Services - Lots of free services for webmasters - Guestbooks, Hit Counters, Polls and heaps more for your site.

Bangles MLP Site - See all about my other obsession - My Little Ponies. The site has a tendancy to be a bit behind and not up-to-date but oh well.

Photobucket - Need a place to store pictures that you can direct link to? Photobucket gives you a free account.

Livejournal - Ger your very own free online blog. You can even make it so only your friends can view it.

Tiny URL - is your URL too long... make it tiny

Short URL - this gives you your own free domain name for your site. Really useful if you move from server to server, just update the deatails and your URL will stay they same but always point to your website. Also gives your site a short, easy to remember URL.