My Pets


She be teh Doggie!

Gypsy is a Labrador X German Shepherd X Kelpie. She was born on the 15th January 2002. She has completed obedience trianing to the level of beginning to trial, but we have given it up because it was becomming too stressful for me and so she wasn't having fun. She did obtain one leg of her CCD, but I'm happy for her just to be a family pet.

She loves to play, escpecially with anything that involes throwing and chasing, she will play for as long as you can stand it and even once played with kids untill she was exhousted but she still kept brining back the ball when they threw it. Usually the first thing she will do when you step into the back yard is find a toy to be thrown. She also likes to wrestle with our other dog Jedi.

Although I had had some ups & downs with Gypsy, I have never regretted owning her, she is a really friendly, loving dog and just about everyone that knows her loves her to little bits, and she knows how to beg a treat from the hardest hearted people. Gypsy is also an outdoor dog, although she is allowed inside the house, she would rather be on the back portch snoozing in the sun.

If you would like to see more about Gypsy or read her very own diary.. click the link to Dogster!


Do not let the angeleic cuteness fool you, she is EVIL IN FUR.

I got her age 7 weeks from the local pet store since Surly went home and I really missed having a cat around. I still can't get over how tiny she was! She weighed 450 grams the day I got her!

Roxie like any cat, is under the impression that the only function of humans is to feed her, love her and be her personal slaves subject to each and any whim of hers. She is so cute that she pretty much gets what she wants and knows how to pester me to the point of insanity if she doesn't get what she wants N-O-W.

She is actually a failry friendly cat, she likes to be stroked and held most of the time, but if she doesn't want to be held she can shed mass amounts of fur untill you let her go. She also thinks that biting is a form of affection and also a fantastic game. She loves Gypsy, I am not sure if Roxie thinks that Gypsy is a huge cat or what, but when together let the love-fest begin. Roxie is often seen rubbing up on the dog or more commonly wrapped around one of Gypsy's legs biting. Gypsy doesn't seem to mind at all.

Of course I have about a million piccies now and all that kind of thing. If you want to see more about Roxie and even read her very own diary click the link to Catster!


May the Lick be with You!

After I moved house in 2007, I was finally allowed to have another dog! So the seach began. I joined a Yahoo group named "Adopting Adelaides Animals" where people can post pets that they are trying to re-home for free. Jedi was listed as "Litter of Pups, Kelpie X" I requested pictures and decided that he would be too large, and I wanted a small dog. Then a couple of weeks later there was another post "Kelpie x Pup 10 Weeks Old" I looked and saw it was the cute brown & white pup that I had deemed 'too large'. So I thought about it, and after much listing the pros & cons of a large dog, I decided to take him. So in the blazing heat we drove to the other side of the city to adopt this pup. It turned out that if we didn't take him, the owners would of given him to the AWL just that week because they had 3 dogs already.

Jedi is supposed to be a Kelipe X Shepherd X Ridgeback. His mother is the 'worlds smallest kelpie' and the only thing he inherited from his father was the colour, and I suspect that maybe mother dog went out on the town and met up with a Corgi, because Jedi has a Kelpie head attached to a Cori body. I don't have to worry about him being a big dog, he has very short little legs, although that doesn't stop him from sleeping on the table on the patio and jumping off it! He has also devloped huge ears, they used to flop over in a cute adorable manner, now they are big and pointy, although hes still adorable.

He's the nicest little dog I could of hoped for, he loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING (except baths). He licks any exposed skin that he can reach, so beware going outside with bare feet and shorts on. He is not the worlds smartest dog, but he is learning and can Sit, Wait & Drop at age 6 months. His full registered name will be JediKnight if we ever decide to trial him, I had hoped to see if he would be a good flyball hoieght dog, but because of his joints and his lack of interest in balls, Flyball isn't really an option for him.


The original and the best,


Yes this is where I got my screen name from.

This is Kismet Gold Bangle, or just plain Bangles. She was my mums first Sheltie. She was the best dog.

She died from cancer at approx age 5 :( She had to be put to sleep because the cancer had spread from her leg to her entire body.

This is a Cyber version of Bangles that I had made by Lauren at  Destiny. Click her to get your own pet made into a cyber dog.

You are sorely missed Bangles.



To my cat,


Tinkerbelle was and ex-stray cat that I took home as a pet, much to the horror of my Dad. She was re-named from "That B*oody Thing" to Tinkerbelle for the tinkle of her bell on her collar that she soon learned to outsmart even when she had 4 bells. She had kittens not too long after I got her because the vet said that they could de-sex her even if the tom cats in the area got to her, but she got pregnant and there was no money if the farm cat fund for the operation so she had kittens! She had 5 but one died during the night, she had a hard birth the poor thing and we sat up with her most of the night.

Tinkerbelle was savage for no reason, affectionate when she wanted to be, loved my dad, and was a lounge lizard - she wintered in front of the fire and nothing could move her!

My mum rang me in October of 2004 to tell me that she had been hit by a car :(

I will miss you Tinkerbelle, even tho you couldn't live with me for the past 4 years.


To my mums dog,


Scottie was my mum's second Sheltie. We got him as a mate for Bangles, but he had a deformed jaw so we had him desexed. It didn't really matter, we loved him anyway.

Sadly Scottie also was a victim of cancer approx age 5. He was operated on to remove the tumors but he did't awaken from the surgery. It was a different cancer to what Bangles had and was very rare for small dogs. He is buried next to Bangles on my parents property.



These are other pets I have had , or my family have had...


This was my Welsh Mountain Pony, Rusty! He was given to me and my mum along with another horse, Astra. The people who owned them knew we wanted a horse and they didn't ride them anymore so they gave them to us. This photo is one of the rare times Rusty was actually clean - I tied him up after a bath for photos cuz he always rolled in the mud! I was way too big for him but he was great fun to ride, even tho one time I fell off and bruised half my back and all down the back of my legs to my knees... that really hurt! Rusty had a nasty habit of biting the back of my legs when I jumped up onto him in the yard. One day he nipped me and a pear fell out of my pocket and I guess he never forgot that! I used to ride him with just the halter and lead rope down to the letter box bareback. ( We lived in the country where the letterbox was fairly far away.)

I sold Rusty to a lady for her son since he was really too small for me and I was going to maybe be leaving  home soon. Last time I heard he had stopped biting and the son was taking him to pony club.



Surly wasn't my cat, but he lived her for 2 years while his owner owrked in the US.

Surly thought he owned the house. He banged on the door when he wanted to come in, meowed annoyingly until you fed him and would claw the carpet and the bed in the mornings when he was inside. He sat on the furniture, until we started to squirt him, but he still did it cuz there was cat hair EVERYWHERE.

He hated the dog, loved the cat next door, and when I was not squirting him he seemed to half like me... but he's was scared of my hubby... the spray bottle has POWER!!!!

Surly was an ex-stray and his name suits him perfectly. His owner thinks that maybe he is at least part Russian Blue.

As much as he was annoying, I miss him. Although he is very happy to be back with his owner, so that is good :)


After Bangles lost the fight with cancer my mum wanted another Shelie, she looked far and wide, and after much patience she found Kes. Kes is a bit of a miracle pup, her entire litter was very sick from birth and as the runt, the vet didn't have much hope that she would survive, but survive she did, from the whole litter she was the only one to make it.

She is a nice little dog, very small and very cute. She dooesn't like to be groomed and is scared of my mum's ponies.

Miniature Ponies!

My mum now has her very own herd of Miniature Ponies! It would be really hard for me to post pics of them all because I live so far away, but also the herd changes, last time I spoke to her she had just picked up a new little mare and is thinking about selling one of the larger ones as a riding pony for a child.

Since there are so many, and ever changing here are a few of them. Pictured left to right are: Zek, the stallion. Kita & Bubbles, Bubbles is my favortie but my mum is thinking of selling her. Bandit, he is the foal of one of the mares that mum got when she was pregnant.