Litter Requests

Currenly CLOSED

Really want to see a particular breed? Apply here for a litter.

Please remember if you choose a dog that has breeding permits it should be bred faster. If you see a litter here that you would like a pup from send in the form and I will add you to the list. All people who request a litter get a reserved pup in the litter requested.

The Request Form

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Your Kennel:

What club you want the litter for?

Breed you want to request?



Requested Litters

Belgian Groendael - Jellylorum, Amanda

Dogo Caniario - Jellylorum, Tiju

Finish Spitz - Jellylorum

West Siberian Laika - Jellylorum

Entlebuch Cattledog - Tiju

Japanese Chin - Tiju

Italian Greyhound - Grace

Borzoi - Grace

Tibetan Mastiff - Grace

Belgian Tervueren - Amanda

Berger Picard - Amanda

Bouvier des Flandres - Amanda

Dutch Shepherd Dog (all hair types) - Amanda

Lancashire Heeler - Amanda

Pyrinian Sheepdog (both types) - Amanda, EmilyG

Sarloos Wolfhound - Amanda

Tatra Shepherd Dog - Amanda

White Swiss Shepherd - Amanda

Rabbit Wirehaired Dachshund - Amanda

Arabian Greyhound/Sloughi - Amanda

Hungarian Greyhound - Amanda

Collie - Rough - Julie

Great Dane - Julie

Australian Silky Terrier - Julie

Standard Dachshund Wire Haired - Julie

Greenland Dog - Julie

Beagle-Harrier - Julie

Brittany - Julie

Flat Coated Retriever - Julie

Belgian Griffon - Julie

Azawakh - Julie

Portuguese Sheepdog - EmilyG

Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog - EmilyG

Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog - EmilyG

Slovakian Chuzach - EmilyG

South Russian Shepherd Dog - EmilyG