Retired racing Greyhounds

These are my retired racing Greyhounds. They were never NCC registered and have found a nice place to rest after thier racing lives.


Retired Greyhound, Neutered Male.

Gadget was retired because he had gotten too old for racing. So here he will get his well deserved rest and become a couch potato doggie!

I got Gadget from Starswept Pets.


Retired Greyhound, Neutered Female

Gaia is retired because she is blind. She is a very sweet dog and has a very good sense of direction in a place she knows. She follows the other greyhounds around if the she feels a bit lost.

I got Gaia from Starswept Pets.


Retired Greyhound, Neutered Male

Gatsby was retired because he was too aggressive to to other dogs. He needs to go to obedience! He is alright with Gaia and Gadget tho.

I got Gatsby from Starswept Pets.