These are my Rules - Please read them all. Failure to read the rules will result in your application being deleted or your Cyber Dogs being taken back.

If you are not an NCC member and would like to adopt a pup, please read rule 15, added just for that occasion


1. Do not steal these dogs, this is not a click-and-take kennel. Do not take my outlines either, this is also stealing. The only outlines you may take are in the Free Outlines page - and you must follow the rules on it. If you do so, your breaking copyright laws.

2. Do not change the Kennel or Show name of these dogs. Do not add your kennel name anywhere in the dogs name. You may choose any call name you like.

3. When you breed a Kismit dog always give me the pick of the litter after you, I may not always want a pup but I want the option.

4. You must have a cyber kennel to adopt. It must be visible to me and require no sign-up to view.

5. You have to be able to recieve e-mail attachments, otherwise how will I give you your dog?

6. You must fill out the entire application forms, even the comments section. Comments should be a reason why I should give you the dog you want and will help me choose who gets what puppy when there is more than one application for the same dog.

7. You must have your dog up in a reasonable amount of time (about a week) if for some reason you can't let me know, if you don't put up your dogs, I reserve the right to take them back. If you loose or delete your dog please e-mail me for a replacement graphic, I keep copies of all my dogs.

8. If for some reason you can't keep your dog or you close your kennel, please let me know and/or send the dogs back so I can give them new homes. If your page has not been updated for a long time and you don't appear to be an active NCC (or other) member I reserve the right to take my dogs back.

9. You can only have 1 pup from each litter while they are on the litter page. If they are in the pound you may apply for another. If you fail to get the dog you asked for, you can apply again for the same litter.

10. You may apply for as many dogs from the pound, but you will only get the set limit of dogs, after a week you may apply for more

11. Litter reserves are only valid for a week - if you do not choose a pup in this time your reserve will be given away. Reserves are in this order - Me, Owner of the Dam, Owner of the Stud, Breeder of the Dam, Breeder of the Stud, the artist of the dog, anyone on the reserve list. You will not always get your first choice just because you have a reserve, so pick more than one pup.

Zug Zugg

12.When applying for multiple litters please cut & paste the puppy choice multiple times (once for every litter)

13.All dogs are in transparent .gif f or transparent .PNG format, Please do not edit them, you may add a background or resize just as long as it doesn't damage the quality of the image. Now to prove you read my rules put the secret message as your e-mails subject line - it is above between rule 11 and rule 12.

14.If your are applying for puppies not for the NCC, members of that club get first preference

15. For people that want to adopt that are from OUTSIDE THE NCC.
I am happy to breed litters for outside the NCC members. Adoption works a little differently for these litters, I need you to e-mail me first and let me know what breed you would like, I can breed any breed that is in my kennel. Then you let me know what colour and gender you would like your puppy to be. I will create a litter with a puppy that will be the colour and gender you wanted and send you the information and image for that pup (I choose the pup that you get from the litter). If you play a game that uses photographs instead of images you do not have to post the image I provide, but there will always be an image provided.
If the dog is bred, I would like the option to adopt a pup from the litter, I am happy to provide my own image for games that use photographs.
You still need to provide a link to my kennel with your dogs information, so people can find my kennel.